Almon Gunter is a world class athlete, coach, writer, speaker and trainer.

The courses and lessons provided in the Almon Gunter Academy follow Almon's message of Courage, Ownership, Respect and Enthusiasm to build a strong foundation for the Game of Life! Having delivered his message to 10's of thousands around the world, Almon is now happy to provide you with interactive courses that he hopes you will enjoy and apply.

Success Takes Hard Work. There is NO easy button.

Almon learned this through his journey through the Olympic Trials landing as the 13th fastest man for 200 meters. For Almon, it’s about maximizing someone’s potential in every person that comes within his reach. We all have greatness in us. That’s why he focuses on understanding individual value and character foundations. Almon serves others and inspires action. What do you want your outcome to be?
Success Takes Hard Work.  There is NO easy button.

Education Empowers Excellence

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